Crystal Violet Formal Lab

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Determination of Reaction Rate Law from the Reaction of Crystal Violet with Sodium Hydroxide
Abstract: This experiment helps determine the rate of reaction of crystal violet while it reacts with sodium hydroxide with respect to crystal violet. The amount of sodium hydroxide is varied in this experiment while crystal violet is kept at a constant. The transmittance of crystal violet is observed and recorded using a colorimeter and the data obtained is used to plot graphs which are manipulated using LoggerPro software to produce the desired outcome; rate of reaction of crystal violet. Upon completion of the experiment it was seen that the rate of reaction of crystal violet turned out to be 1
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Methods: Three solutions were made to be put into the cuvttes. The first of them contained 20ml of crystal violet and 20ml of sodium hydroxide. The second had 20ml crystal violet along with 10ml of distilled water and 10ml of sodium hydroxide. The third solution contained 20ml crystal violet with 15ml distilled water and 5ml sodium hydroxide. The reagents were mixed well in beakers, each containing the different solutions and were stirred sufficiently on a magnetic stir plate. The colorimeter was calibrated with distilled water which set a reference value of zero making sure that all succeeding readings would be accurate.
A small sample of the first solution was placed in a cuvette which was inserted into the colorimeter. Data collection started immediately and was recorded for 15 min, the whole duration of the cuvette in the colorimeter. The different values of transmittance were recorded and the data was plotted into a graph with the help of LoggerPro software. The same procedure was repeated for the second and third solution and thereby obtaining three different Absorbance versus time graphs for each.
Care was taken at every step of this experiment to ensure that errors were minimized to the fullest. The colorimeter was calibrated every time before placing a new cuvette into it to make sure results were accurate.