Does Gender Affect Color Preference?

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Does Gender Affect Color Preference?

The objective of this experiment was to determine if gender plays a role in color preference. In other words, do males actually prefer blue and green, while females favor pink or purple?
This experiment was conducted by surveying ninety-six people, 48 males and 48 females, to complete a short survey. The survey asked them if they were color blind and whether they were male or female. They were then given five color cards (blue, green, pink, purple and yellow) and ordered the sample colors from their favorite to least favorite on a scale of 1-5. The hypothesis was that the majority of males would prefer blue, while females were evenly distributed between
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The cause of most color associations is due to stories passed down, things we hear in the media, and the products we buy everyday. When we see or think about a certain color it produces a certain reaction in our minds. This reaction eventually becomes a regular part of our thought process where this color is involved and over time the association becomes natural and expands to others. Color urges us to pay more attention to advertisements, products, signs, and other such things. A study has shown that ads produced in color will be read 42% more often then those in black and white. (White, 1997) In 2003 the Xerox Corporation conducted a study that suggested that color presents an image of impressive quality, assists in attracting new customers, and causes customers to better remember presentations and documents in which color is used. This may lead one to think that this may be why some teachers choose to print their students’ important notes on different colors of paper. Color may seem simple enough, but it’s actually a very complex subject. Colors are specified to a two-dimensional chart, called the CIE chromaticity diagram. This shows the relations among the different variables which produce the luminance of a specific color. The chromaticity diagram is a very opportune tool for those studying colors and its different properties. Among its many convenient features is the fact that it can single out a single color, so it is not


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