The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

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“FUKÚ” is an atavistic deadly curse that follows the De León family, and everything that can go wrong for them does. However, I believe that the fukú is only a consequence of their actions and a way for them to rationalize their misfortunes. The characters are using fukú as a crutch in place of taking responsibilities for their own actions. This is because they don’t want to accept the fact that things don’t always go the way they want them to. So they choose to blame the fukú for making their problems happen. So when fukú strikes a mongoose appears it comes as a character of a guardian angel with a sanguine presence. A mongoose is a weasel like animal that appears in the near death experiences of the characters. When it comes it shows a …show more content…

Oscar was really a target for bad situations he fell in love with girls that had major problems. Also they already had boyfriends but Oscar didn’t give up in what he loved so he stuck around. He got himself into so much trouble with the men of the girls he loved. Pulling a heroic stunt in saving Ana the first girl he fell in love with. “Poor Oscar. Without even realizing it he’d fallen into one of those Let’s-Be-Friends Vortexes, the bane of nerdboys everywhere. These relationships were love’s version of a stay in the stocks, in you go, plenty of misery guaranteed and what you got out of it besides bitterness and heartbreak nobody knows. Perhaps some knowledge of self and women” (51). From her abusive boyfriend by using a gun which he didn’t know how to use. It was worthless because at the end Ana decided to stop talking to Oscar because she was putting him in so much danger.

Again Oscar was lonely debilitating from all his mothers comments “you’re crying for a girl? Give her a slap and see if she respects you.” His mom says to him as she throws him to the floor. Yet he still manages to find another girl to love named Ybón but only one problem….she’s a prostitute. Better yet she already has a boyfriend and again Oscar was in danger. He didn’t want to loose this one so he tried everything he could to keep her he also became obsessed with seeing her. “Here we go again: Oscar and Ybón at her house, Oscar and Ybón at


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