The Bourne Identity Book and Film Comparison

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16 December 2013
Book and Film Comparison
The Bourne Identity
Robert Ludlum
Richard Marek Publishers; First Edition edition (1980)
The setting of the novel takes place largely in Europe. The story opens in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of France. The story moves throughout France largely in Paris. Zurich, Switzerland is also a major setting. New York City and Washington, D.C. also play lesser but important roles. The story ends in the upper west side of Manhattan in New York City. Other parts of the world are alluded to as well, especially Southeast Asia.
Point of view/ person:
The point of view is written in the first person, however, the point of view
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Bourne is attacked in Switzerland by two unknown men while in an elevator. He instinctively defends himself revealing his skills.
He defends him self against two police officers on a park bench. Bourne takes a hostage, a French-Canadian government economist, Marie St. Jacques. He steals a car and has her drive.
He approaches Marie Kreutz, a German and offers her $20,000 to take him to Paris. Bourne and St. Jaques are captured. While at separate locations, Bourne kills his captors and saves Marie from being raped. He is shot and they go to a hotel so Jason can recover.
This doesn't happen. Carlos the Jackal features prominently in the story.
He isn't mentioned. Bourne was an assassin in the Vietnam war with an alias Cain.
He has an alias of Kane, but he was never in Vietnam. He was an assassin. He is treated by a doctor in Marseille for a long period of time, to recover.
He is treated by the doctor on the boat which finds him.

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The unknown enemy is revealed to be Carlos, the world’s best assassin. As Bourne remembers more of his past, he begins to hunt Carlos. We learn that Bourne had been working for the US government as an assassin known as Cain. He was tasked with making his way into the assassination business and eventually killing the elusive Carlos. However, Bourne is framed for the murders of his old commanders in the CIA and other US agencies. Because of that, Bourne must escape the US government, who