Stress Effects and Management Proposal

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Stress Effects and Management Proposal
Debbie Cooper
May 28, 2012

Stress Effects and Management Proposal How each individual chooses to relieve their level of stress is a purely personal matter. Stress is reported to cost employers production and money. Certain levels of stress are beneficial to society and individuals, this allows for positive growth; although long term exposure to stress can cause ill-effects to one’s well-being. Work place stress, otherwise known as occupational stress is said by the United Nations’ International Labor Organization to be a global occurrence. It is estimated that occupational stress causes US employers a loss of up to $200 billion a year. This includes low productivity, workers’
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The more you do your yoga workouts right the better results you will see. Meditation will help one to focus on what their issues are that are needed to be resolved.
Disadvantages of technique:
If one does not continuously do the same throughout the workout, then the results will differ. The results of each yoga workout determines on the location, the noise level and distractions around.
Effects of stress on Physical and Psychological Health:
The effects of stress on one’s physical and psychological health can be detrimental, but by doing any stress technique allows one to be stress free. By doing regular yoga exercises your body will learn to adapt to every day stressors. By doing meditation, your mind will also be able to adjust and look forward to the next activity as a way to relieve the daily stresses.
Recommendation for company:
Allow employees 20-30 minutes every day for employees to take time to do yoga or to meditate. Provide basic workout space and equipment for employees to use on free time such as their breaks or at lunch. Encourage your employees to take the time to meditate or to do yoga so that they can be stress-free, but most importantly they can live happy.... Rating/Ranking This researcher believes that each technique used to relieve stress has its own advantages and disadvantages. The thing about rating and ranking each one is that the opinion may not hold for everyone. Each


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