Analysis of George Washington's Farewell Address

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An analysis of George Washington’s Farewell Address shows that there were three points he wanted to stress. The points being his decision not to be considered for a 3rd term, his advice to the country to stand united, and his advice to the future leaders of the country concerning foreign policy.
The first point concerning his decision not to be considered for a 3rd term was something that Washington had given a lot of thought to and had even decided to do before the beginning of his 2nd term. He had even gone so far as to write a farewell address at the end of what he believe to be his first and only term as President, the reason he accepted the 2nd term was due to the uncertain stability of the young country, the uncertain status of
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The final point that Washington wanted to make to the country was his opinion on
foreign policy. First he suggests keeping the debt of the country low when you can so that you have something to draw on when the time comes. He also believed that the country needed to stay peaceful with all of the nations of the world as religion and basic morals say to do because having a long lasting hatred for any one country causes you to become a slave to that hatred. But to that end he also believed that having a long lasting alliance would be just as damaging to the country because it could draw you into a fight that has no benefit to the country. It also opens the country up to retaliation if it concedes something to one country but refuses the same concession to another. As it pertains to the nations of Europe, Washington believed that the best thing to do was to stay out of their affairs so as not to make an enemy out of anyone on either side of the conflict. In his opinion staying out of the affairs of other countries and handling our business would cause other countries to want to steer clear of an altercation with us allowing us to be the one that makes the decision as far as war and peace was concerned but made clear that any agreements and alliances that were currently held should be kept but that nothing new should be extended. Washington


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