Project 2 - Ccjs 321 Digital Forensics

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Project 2
CCJS 321 – Digital Forensics |
Date of submission: FEB 14, 2016 |

Project 2 - CCJS 321 Digital Forensics
For the purpose of this Project, you are still the InfoSec Specialist for the Makestuff Company. Consider this project a continuation of the work you performed in Project 1.
With the scenario in mind, thoroughly answer the following questions (in paragraph format, properly citing outside research, where appropriate):
1. What permissions/authorities should you have before you search Mr. Yourprop’s former Company work area, and how would you document that authority?
As the InfoSec Specialist, you wouldn’t be looking for a search warrant before going into his work area. “It is important to note that
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Then I would document and label all of the cables that are connected to the laptop. Before I grabbed the laptop to put it into evidence, I would see if the laptop is still on. If it is, I would take a picture of the screen before turning it off. If it isn’t on, then I would be able to collect it as evidence by placing it in an anti-static bag and then labeling it. The last item that I would collect as evidence would be the USB thumb drive. This item can contain all of the same data that could be stored on the other two devices. The only difference is the capacity that it can hold. This item would be important because he could be taking data off of the laptop or hard drive, putting it on the thumb drive to easily transport the data, and then erasing the information off of the laptop or hard drive to not leave evidence behind. The collection process would be the same as the hard drive, I would take pictures of it on the desk making sure to get the manufacturer and serial number, and place it in an anti-static bag and then label it. You must also keep the digital evidence “away from magnets, radio transmitters and other potentially damaging devices” (Best Practices, n.d.).
3. (Looking at the photo of Mr. Yourprop’s work area, provided for Project 2 in the Course Content area) Identify three (3) potential items of non-digital evidence you see in the photo. For EACH item of non-digital


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