Teenage Dating Essay

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Teenage Dating : Allowed or Not?

Nowadays, many teenagers in junior high school already have boyfriends or girlfriends. It is not really an uncommon thing anymore in teenagers point of view lately. Teenagers in junior high school who already have boyfriends or girlfriends are just following their natural interest which usually goes to dating. People see this nowadays as there are many young teenagers who still in junior high school to what they called ‘hang out’ or dating in many places. Some people don’t mind about any young teenagers dating because it has some bright side, however there are some people who disagree with it because it also have negative effects. Parents should not let their teen-aged children in junior high schools to
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The last reason is, teenagers aren’t ready to take any consequences, especially teenagers who still in junior high school. They can take any consequences for real is because they mostly do anything without a confirmation or reconsidering, just following their own free will. Teenagers in junior high school don’t even exactly know what could happen from having boyfriend or girlfriend or dating. Besides the positive effects there are also negative effects that could make each couple discomfort or even harmed. There are many negative effects of dating, ranging from small problem like short relationship which leading to hate each other and give a bad effect such as having a grudge that can trigger an increased aggression. Bigger problem is like break up that can make teenagers desperate and most of them have a long time of desperation, making their life disturbed because of the feelings. There are also the worst case which we can see in news nowadays is abusive action toward the couple, usually the female one. These happen because of teenagers in junior high school don’t know any consequences from dating that comes out unpredictable, usually because misunderstanding. Most parents don’t let their teen aged children in junior high school to have a boyfriend or girlfriend is because of the risk of abusive action that could come from one of the couple. Dating has some