Taliban in Afghanistan

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1)Afghanistan was once a place of relative peace. A place where one could do as they please and have the freedoms to be who they wanted to be. But a few years would change that all. Everything that the citizens of Afghanistan knew, their entire way of life would change. The cause? The Taliban. The Taliban are an extremist Muslim group from Afghanistan. The Taliban, who call themselves Jihad or “freedom fighters” are the most brutal extremist Muslims in the world. To understand the Taliban you must understand how they where able to gain control of Afghanistan ,there rule during the time period they controlled Afghanistan, and how they were overthrown by opposition groups.
2)During the 1980s Afghanistan was being over run by the Soviet
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But all these rules effected women the most. Women had never been equal to men in the way they were viewed, but had had equal rights. The Taliban changed this. They made women so inferior to men that the last time such a patriarchal society was seen was during the Dark Ages. No longer could a women hold a job or even go to school. They were to stay in the house with the kids and housework. If a women even wanted to step outside her house she was to be accompanied by a male relative. The Taliban’s reason for such harsh restrictions set to women was that they where protecting them. In the period during the civil war where ciaos was the way of life, women where constantly being taken and rape. The Taliban said they were protecting women by putting restrictions on what they were allowed to do and where they were allowed to go. Nothing symbolized the loss of women's freedom under the Taliban more then the Burka. The Burka is a head to toe dressing that has only a two inch by two inch meshing to see out of (Stewart 46). Most women who lived in Afghanistan had never even owned a Burka. The women of Afghanistan prior to Taliban rule had adopted fashion styles from the of the west, like American and European women. Mullah Omar stated that women who “ are going outside with fashionable, ornamental, tight and charming clothes.... should never expect to go to heaven.” (Stewart 47). The Taliban believed that women needed protection against


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