Supply and Demand Paper

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Assignment: Supply and Demand Paper
Due Sunday Day 7 – XECO/212
Instructor- Robert Peart
Student- Emily Hopple

I have had the personal experience of purchasing my college education. Picking a college was very challenging and I had huge amounts of pros and cons to weigh throughout my decision process. I knew that going to college and receiving a college education would be a wise investment and would better benefit me in the future financially. The supply and demand for a college education has changed over the years, thirty years ago a person might not have gone to college or paid for a college education and degree but that person still had a good chance of finding a steady job and becoming successful. An example of this would be my
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Two complements for a college education would be to first have a high school diploma or general education diploma then determine which degree to work towards such as an Associate, Bachelor, or Master degree. Once receiving the desired level of education obtaining the desired job position would pay off for all of the hard work. The necessity of receiving a college education impacts price elasticity because the supply and demand for a college education is highly needed and seems to increase each year. I personally thought college was not for me and I would be just fine without a college education but after thinking about it I thought I would never get anywhere successful without a college education. A good paying job requires a college education, the prices on everything from cars, homes, and food increases each year. Receiving a college education is not only beneficial for me but also for my children, I am better to support them and be more accomplished and successful with a college education and degree. As the supply and demand increases each year for a college education so does the price of college educations. Prices for a college education also vary depending on the career choice and degree that a person in working towards. Some professions and degrees take longer than others which of course cost more


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