Summary: Our Iceberg Is Melting by John Kotter

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Summary: Our Iceberg is Melting

Foreword by Spenser Johnson: One the surface, the story of this book appears to be a fable that is relatively easy to grasp, but it does subtly impart an invaluable lesson on change. The book covers John Kotter’s Eight Steps to bring about successful organizational change and can be equally useful for a high-school student as it is for a CEO of a multi-national organization.
Welcome Note by John Kotter: People do not often understand the need for change. Businesses, school systemsand even nations do not know understand what to do, how to make it happen and how to make it stick. This book shows the traps in which people often fall while facing the challenge of change - using a fable. A fable is used in here
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Louis had experience and commanded respect of others, Alice was aggressive and treated everybody as equal, Buddy was well-trusted and liked, Fred was curious and creative and Professor was well-read and fascinated by challenging questions. The team looked perfect but had their initial struggle because they were trying to contribute as individuals. At this time Louis took them out for a team building activity in form of hunting for squids. Louis had been successful in taking the second step of “pulling together a team to guide the needed change.”
Later in day Alice suggested that the core team should take suggestions from the rest of the population and the team agreed after a brief discussion. After a few well, weird suggestions from some birds one old penguin suggested that they should now try something new. Professor nodded and took the team westwards. Just then Fred spotted a seagull flying in the sky. Everyone was surprised because seagulls are not normally found in Antarctica. Fred said that seagulls do not have fixed houses and so can we and doubled the shock of the group. Regaining her composure Alice said “I guess we should find out some information about it first.” When they finally found the seagull again, Buddy approached him in a gentle manner and asked about him. Seagull now comfortable with their presence told “I am a scout and I go ahead of my group to find out where we