Software Engineering Paper - Prototyping Model

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Software Engineering (C2002)
TERM 1 2009

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Customer produces a set OR group of expectations for the end-product (software system). Alot times when the customer produces such information, it is insufficient for the system developer such that specific information such as input/output or the "operations" for the system software are lacked.

With that, the "Prototyping model" comes in as being the best utilized approach in situations such as this.

In addition, this model allows the software developer to utilize its ability of being able to identify software requirements which are necessary for the engineering of the system software. In a case whereby the first engineered software is made (first of its kind), it is known as a prototype. The prototype model will be used as the default test system until a finalised one is engineered as fully operational system. A lot of times the prototype would come out in 1 or 2 versions with minor use of resources, it may or may not work out but it assists or trains a programmer at the same time.

With a prototype, the software developer would be able to point out the functions that it lacks OR the errors or bugs that occur within the software system itself. Now when these set of information is collected, solutions are generated in each respective area so that he/she is able to utilize the existing applications that were used in its "building" stages to improve or correct these AREAS.

Some of these software could be stand-alone programs or application tools such as


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