Vistakon and 1 Day Acuvue Disposable Contact Lenses

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I recommend that Vistakon commence its launch nationwide. 1-Day Acuvue Disposable Contact Lenses (1-D Acuvue) represents a differentiated and exciting soft contact lens product. The point of difference of 1-D Acuvue relative to other soft contact lenses is its convenience and comfort. The primary market segment for 1-D Acuvue is the part-time contact lens wearer (3.9MM of total U.S population), who wore them only on certain events. Vistakon would encounter less price resistance with these part-time users due to the less frequency use, and more willing to pay a higher unit price than regular daily wear customers due to the product’s high quality, convenience and comfort. Secondary market segment is the full-time (conventional and frequent …show more content…
In order to successfully launch it nationwide, Vistakon must distinguish 1-D Acuvue as the premium disposable contact lens vs. conventional and frequent replacement lens. Vistakon can promote the “care for your eyes” concept to customers, encourage patients to visit ECP more frequently, before the patient has a health problem and before the lenses were damaged or lost. (Product) For distribution, Vistakon should focus to put 1-D Acuvue in Private Optometrists, Private Ophthalmologist, and private opticians’ clinics because ECPs’ recommendation plays a critical role when patient make their decision which soft contact lens to buy. 47% of Vistakon products are delivered to ECPs directly and 25% are delivered to ECPs via distributor. For other places like retail chain stores like Wal-Mart, Pearle Vision Center, etc, Vistakon can also promote the product if those chain stores have large display areas where patients could select eyeglasses, and had optometrists available to perform examinations and provide patients with prescriptions for vision correction. Beside emphasizing the accurate order taking and promote product delivery to ECPs and chain stores, Vistakon also need to stressing the reliable service of “Doctor Controlled Direct Delivery” and consider a sales rep support program to work with ECPs and chain stores.


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