Social Service Agency Interview: Hospice

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Social Service Agency Interview: Hospice

Social Service Agency Interview: Hospice

Agency and Organizations and Title of Advocacy Role

There were various different hospice organizations that were interviewed Good Neighbor and License Practicing Nurse (LPN), Pamela Larson informs the doctors of any concerns and watches the daily progress of the patients. While Pathways Hospice Michele Desnoes is the Care Provider Liaison and in this position, she will speak on behalf of the patient when the patient can no longer speak for them. Hospice Care of Boulder and Broomfield Counties Leann is a patient care advocate and she deals with the doctors and insurance companies and any medical or other issues that arise. Tony at Asera Care is a
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Becoming an advocate is not something that happens overnight. Throughout each interview that team members learned was that they wanted to make a difference in a persons life. They know they cannot assit in the needs everyone client, but they could transform at least one persons life. Providing quality care for those who had very little time to live was also a top priority for their patients. Having life-changing encounters had a personal affect for a few of the advocates. Some were able to experience first hand what it was like to have a loved one or family in a hospice center. While their loved one was a patient they were able to see what advocates did and why they had a passion for their job. Most importantly they learned that advocates not only helped the patient, but family and loved ones. Being supportive in stressed out situations, has made hospice centers more common in todays world of turmoil.

Personal values influence the way people have an outlook on life. The way we perceive is shaped early on in life, however life-changing experiences contribute to alterations. The most common standards are ethical morals, respect, dignity, and willingness to help others. Having spiritual faith also provided assurance of values. With these morals, advocates are able to perform their job with satisfied confidence. At the same time while it was easy to state personal values