Smoking Bans in Casinos

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Elizabeth Madej
Professor Dean Winther
English 102
30 November 2012
Smoking Bans in Casinos Las Vegas is often referred to as “Sin City”. People come here from all over the world to gamble, party, and enjoy the nightlife this city has to offer. Vacationers expect a crazy trip where “sinning” is the norm. Vegas is a place where you can get away from rules and laws, and many think they should be able to drink and smoke to their heart’s content. But recently, Vegas passed laws banning smoking in restaurants and taverns. These bans were quickly lifted in gaming taverns with the new rule that all guests had to be at least 21 to enter. Casinos remain exempt from smoking bans in the majority of gaming areas. Many argue that Vegas
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Casinos and taverns would be ghost towns. The Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights found that “smokefree laws have no effect on total gambling revenues or on the average revenue per machine. Despite smokefree opponents’ claims of economic doomsday, smokefree laws do not harm casinos or other gambling venues…Smoking is an incidental activity.” When smoking was first banned in restaurants, people thought business would plummet, but restaurants are as busy as ever. In New York bars, it is a common sight to see smokers outside enjoying a cigarette. Just like at the workplace, smokers get used to going outside to smoke and still go to the bars and restaurants. If someone is a gambler, having to go outside for a cigarette won’t stop him or her from being a gambler. There is evidence that gaming business could also rise after smoking bans are put into place. reports:
The Washington State Department of Revenue issued an economic report in June 2008 which found that gaming revenues have increased in commercial casinos since the statewide smokefree law took effect. The report cites the biggest turnaround as being gambling businesses, whose gross income increased 7.2 percent in 2007 after losing 9.8 percent in 2006. The industry had been in decline before the law took effect.
Many sources report casinos don’t lose, and may even gaining revenue after smoking bans take effect, even if there are other gaming


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