Ib History Paper 3 Guide

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Sabrina Shaw
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IB History of the Americas HL
7 November 2012
Paper 3 Guide: Mexican Revolution
Bullet Points: Defined and Summarized: 1. Causes of the Mexican Revolution: social, economic, and political; the role of the Porfiriato regime * Porfirio Díaz was the dictator of Mexico from 1876 to 1910. His regime is known as the Porfiriato regime. Díaz’s social ideologies and aims were to divide and rule, obtain absolute power Díaz’s methods were the Pan o Palo policy and the spoil system. Díaz wanted to increase industrialization without increasing foreign investment and he used the spoil system to gain the support of the wealthy landowners. Díaz’s political goals were to have autocratic rule, have absolute power, and
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One of his methods included reassessing the Indian cultural heritage, pushing the greatness of old Indian arts and the reevaluation of the Aztec culture which emphasized their influence on modern culture and increased nationalism. Another success of Cardenas included Tienda de Raya. This was a system in which workers on large landholders' land would be paid in vouchers or tokens that were only redeemable at the stores belonging to the landholders. Any debt created by one worker would be passed to his children if he was unable to pay it, this created a system where debt would continue to move through the generations until fully paid.

5. The role of foreign powers (especially the United States) in the outbreak and development of the Mexican Revolution; motivations, methods of intervention and contributions * Before the war, the United States decided that they would aid civil authorities in enforcing neutrality laws. The United States distinguished themselves and made Mexico aware of their actions in light of war and assistance. Jacob Dickinson, secretary of war for the US authorized American Military to warn Mexican militaries about actions that would be taken if American lives and properties were threatened. This action made it clear to Mexico that the US would only intervene under these circumstances. Wilson’s goal of intervention was to get the constitutionals, including Carranza, into power so that