Shc 51: Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication

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1.1 Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role.
1.2 Explain how to support effective communication within the job role.
1.3 Analyse the barriers and challenges to communication within own job role.

As a Learning Disability team leader there are many different groups and individuals whose needs must be addressed. One group of people are the service users. Their needs must be addressed as they are the customer to whom I am providing a service. The service user needs to be able to tell me what they want/need and I need to understand what they are telling me. There must be effective communication with this group in order to meet their needs, the needs of the service and to make
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Effective communication with this group is supported through ensuring confidentiality when needed. Monthly one to one meetings enable this group to have time on a one to one basis in private to communicate any sensitive or private issues. Staff are aware that as well as this formal opportunity for communication they can also have an informal discussion at any point during the working day. Effective communication is also supported by all staff receiving comprehensive training during induction of all of the different communication systems used during the job. This ensures all staff are aware of the systems and how to use them correctly. During induction staff needs for communication are flagged up and these are addressed accordingly. An example of this is a staff member who is dyslexic who disclosed this during the interview process. Effective communication with this staff member is supported through allowing them more time to digest any messages and having more regular informal meetings to check on progress.
A barrier to effective communication with this group is personality differences. Some staff members are more assertive and in situations such as team meetings will be more forth coming in communicating and can over power other staff members that are more submissive. In response to this the more submissive staff members may feel pushed out and reluctant to speak. To over come this I ensure that I take control of the meeting and ensure


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