The Matrix the Cave and Meditations Essay

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The Matrix, The Cave And Meditations
PHIL 201
John L. Hill II
Liberty University

John Hill
Professor Allyn Kyes
Philosophy 201
October 18, 2012

The Matrix, The Cave And Meditations
Thesis: There are many similarities in the Matrix ( Wachowski, Andy, and Lana Wachowski 1999 ), The Allegory of the Cave ( Plato ) and Meditation I of The Things of Which We May Doubt ( Decartes, 1641 ). It appears as you take a close look at the Matrix that it is a retelling of “The Allegory of the Cave” with elements of “Meditation I of the Things of Which We May Doubt” in it as well. I. Introduction A. Overview of “The Cave” B. Overview of “Meditation” C. Overview of “Matrix” II. Comparisons A.
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Morpheus is convinced that Neo is “The One” who can free the people from The Matrix both physically and mentally.
The Matrix ( Wachowski, Andy, and Lana Wachowski 1999 ) is one of many stories that present the real world as an illusion. One such story is “The Allegory of the Cave” ( Plato ). Plato presents the world as an illusion. The people in the story just as in The Matrix are bound in such a way that they can only see what is fed to them from another entity. Because the images they are seeing are all they have ever seen, they believe these images constitute the real world. One day, a prisoner escapes and sees that what he thought was real is actually shadows that free people create with light from fire. In the same sense, The Matrix presents this story of bondage and the prisoners are fed information via an artificial intelligence system called The Matrix. When the prisoner in the Cave is free for the first time, his eyes have problems adjusting, just as Neo’s eyes have to adjust in the Matrix when he is first freed. In the Allegory of the Cave the prisoner is aware of true reality, so he must return to the care and try to teach others what he knows, in order to free their minds, which will free their physical bodies. The matrix carries the same story line as Neo is the one that must return to the people to free