Sba Sample on Bullying

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Statement Of Problem

Topic: Bullying
Focus Question: What effect does Bullying have on its victims and how are their emotional selves impacted?
Guiding Questions: What are the signs of a person being bullied? At what age does the effect of bullying impact an individual the most? What causes someone to be bullied?

Reason For Selecting Area of Research

I chose the topic of bullying because I believe that it is a problem that is making a great impact on society in these recent times. There are many people who are being bullied and sooner or later this will have or play a great significance in the life of the individual. I want to find out how bullying can affect someone,
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As seen also in the results obtained the majority of the victims have experienced a personality change, this affects the victim in more ways than one, these children are further more less likely to make new friends and experience trust issues, also these children are most likely to become violent in the future. The consequences for the victim are usually interpreted as messages in his environment; the main message in that the world is a horrible and unsafe place. The extreme, ultimate response is attempted suicide. Even if the victim is not driven to suicide his/her emotional, academic and social development are affected. Children who are bullied become isolated from their peers, some asked to be switched from school, some no longer want to go back to school.
Statement of Findings

More than half of the participants are victims of bullying or know someone who is being bullied. Children are more susceptible to bullying during their early and mid teens. The children bullied experience drastic changes personality wise.
Recommendations and Implementation Strategy

Schools have a capacity to make a difference in regards to the problem of bullying because it is important for adult involvement to take place in the school environment. A school need to initialize systems against bullying and it is a good idea to organize a school conference to discuss the problem. This should entail the presence of various people such as the