Buffers Essay

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By Mikayla Messing
Section 623

Abstract To examine the effectiveness of buffers by titrating two sets of five different solutions using HCl and NaOH and monitoring the pH change of the various solutions. The data collected shows that the buffer systems made with sodium acetate and acetic acid were effect when titrated with the strong acid and the strong base. Comparison of all the solutions shows that the concepts of buffers holds true for the results from the experimentation.
The main objective of this lab was to test the ability of buffered and unbuffered solutions to resist changes in pH with the addition of strong acids and strong acid. This will be accomplished by making two sets of five
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These results can also be seen below in Graph 1.3 and 1.4. These show the pH of all the solutions vs. volume of HCl and NaOH, respectively.

Graph 1.3 shows the pH of the solutions vs. volume of added HCl

The average change in the pH of the solution with 1 gram of sodium acetate when HCl was added was .377 per mL of HCl.. With the solution of 5 grams of sodium acetate, the average change in pH was .104 per mL of HCl.. The solution with 10 grams of sodium acetate had an average change in pH of .043 per mL of HCl.

Graph 1.4 shows pH vs. volume of added NaOH

The average change in pH for the solution with one gram of sodium acetate was .828 pH per mL of NaOH. The solution with five grams of sodium acetate had an average change in pH of .711 per mL NaOH. The final solution with ten grams of sodium acetate had an average change in pH of .785 per mL NaOH.

Buffers are solutions that resist change in pH when an acid or base is added to it. The buffers in this experiment had a weak acid and its conjugate base, which is how most buffers are made. When HCl was added to the buffer solution, a reaction occurred and the strong acid was neutralized by CH3COO-. The buffer reacts in a similar way when NaOH was added. The strong base reacted with the buffer and was neutralized by CH3COOH. As shown in the


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