Canadian Club Whisky Marketing Portfolio

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MKTG 111 Group Portfolio Assignment
Canadian Club Whisky
December 9, 2011

Table of Contents Introduction 3 Overview 3 Strategic Analysis 4 Recommendations 5 Competitive Analysis 8 Target Market Analysis 9 Positioning Statement and Positioning Map 10 Marketing Communications Analysis 15 SWOT Analysis 17 Bibliography 18

The popularity and worldwide success of Canadian Club can be attributed to more than just its great flavour. Review of key marketing components has given an all around understanding of the thought process involved in ensuring the success of this company. These components include, the analysis of the product, pricing, competition, target market, position within the market,
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This would encourage fans of both, the television show and the whisky, to participate, while also reaching out to potential customers. While it is common to find winter bundles, Canadian Club should make summer themed bundles as a way of promoting it as more than just a “cold weather” beverage. With new mixed drinks that are incorporating Canadian Club, it is recommended that they create bundles that include merchandise like t-shirts, baseball hats, and aviator-style sunglasses.
Canadian Club has been granted royal warrants of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George V, King George VI, and Queen Elizabeth II (Canadian Club, 2011). Creating an advertising campaign, reflecting on this would be effective. The campaign could go in one of many directions. For example, they might choose to use classic imaged with Canadian Club bottles superimposed nearby, or by using attractive, royal-themed artwork, depicting Canadian Club as a drink fit for royalty.
Canadian Club has received a great deal of attention from their unique and long-running Hide-A-Case promotion. With still a number of cases that have been hidden around the world, still unfound, there should be more marketing efforts to draw attention to this with more clues, and possibly, additional hidden cases.

Competitive Analysis

Target Market Analysis

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