ASCI 310: Aircraft Performance Research Project

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ASCI 310: Aircraft Performance Research Project


One of the requirements for this course is an Aircraft Performance Research Project that entails planning a flight from Denver International Airport (KDEN) to Chicago O'Hare International Airport (KORD) for a given aircraft, weather conditions, and assumptions. The objective is to apply what has been learned throughout this course. Drawing on aeronautics theory and using the performance charts and equations presented in the course, each student is to answer a sequence of questions that step through the planning process. Remember, as with all of the exercises, all work (calculations) must be shown as much as possible. After all of the questions have been answered, the next task
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Using Figure 11-28,
Distance to Lift off with Single Engine Failure at V1 and continue Takeoff = 5700 fts

(1.5 pts) Find Two Engine Takeoff Ground Roll (ft).

Using Figure 11-31,
Two Engine Takeoff Ground Roll = 3600 fts

(1.5 pts) Is the runway long enough at KDEN to safely takeoff?

The longway is long enough at KDEN to safely takeoff because it has a length of 12000 feet, which is longer.

SECTION 2: Climb Questions (Long Range Climb to FL350)

Hint. Remember, the aircraft is taking off at a higher pressure altitude!

(1.5 pts) Find Climb Schedule (Airspeed/Mach to be flown in the Climb).

Using Figure 11-54, the Climb Schedule is

1) 250 KIAS below 10000 fts
2) 290 KIAS above 10000 fts to 26860 fts
3) 0.72 Mach above 26860 fts to 35000 fts

(1.5 pts) Find Time to Climb (min).

Using Figure 11-54,
Time to Climb = 0.355 hrs – 0.035 hrs = 0.320 hrs = 19.2 mins

(1.5 pts) Find Distance to Climb (nm).

Using Figure 11-55,
Distance to Climb = 136 – 10 = 126 nm

(1.5 pts) Find Fuel for Climb (lb).

Using Figure 11-54,
Fuel for Climb = 2900 – 400 = 2500 lbs

SECTION 3: Cruise Questions (Long Range Cruise at FL350) KDEN - KORD

Note. Assume no anti-ice and two engines.

(1.5 pts) Find Cruise Indicated Airspeed (KIAS).

Using Figure 11-89,
Cruise Indicated Airspeed is approximately 252 KIAS.

(1.5 pts) Find Cruise True Airspeed (KTAS).

Using Figure 11-89,
Cruise True Airspeed is approximately 430 KTAS.