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Ellen’s Stardust Diner

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Ellen’s Stardust Diner is a 1950’s American style diner that operates in New York City, on Broadway. They are a successful restaurant, mostly due to their singing waiting staff and their unique style and set up. They serve classic American meals and old fashioned creamy milkshakes. It opened in 1987 and was the first 1950’s style diner in New York. They opened a sister restaurant in Times Square in the late 1990’s and are now keen to
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Due to ESD being 1950’s style, they don’t have a huge need for much advanced technology beyond the basics needed to run a restaurant in this day and age. Obviously, they have the need for till systems so that they can process the orders, take payments and print receipts. Another thing they have the need for is a way to take credit and debit card payments as this is a common way of payment in today’s times. They also need some sort of computer system in order to keep track of their inventory; whilst this is not something that may be deemed as a necessity, it wouldn’t make sense for them not to have one. Due to them being a 1950’s Diner, the tills would be mainly just for taking payments and putting orders through to keep the stock levels at the right level, and they would actually take the orders from customers via pen and paper, to give it a more authentic feel.
One of the factors that ESD has to take into account when thinking of environmental factors that could affect their business is the amount of waste they produce. Due to the differences in portions as mentioned earlier, making sure the portion sizes are right for the UK culture is critical as not only would it waste them money if they didn’t get it right, but it would create a bad image for the company. Also, it is unlikely that


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