Appraise the impact that the rise in networked society is having on different creative disciplines

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Appraise the impact that the rise in networked society is having on different creative disciplines and identify some of the key trends, innovations, behaviours and emergent opportunities for creative disciplines.

The term “networked society” describes the many different phenomena related to the social, political, economic and cultural changes caused by the increase in connected digital information. In this essay I aim to assess the value of networked society within the creative disciplines of documentary film, fine art and dance. I intend to convey the positive value of networked society on my chosen creative disciplines by looking at many different sources and view points and assessing both the positive and negative impacts of
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The troop had the opportunity to perform at the Oscars and Chu went on to create a web series with the dancers. These dancers would never have had this opportunity if networked society on the web didn't exist.

Dance companies and choreographers are increasingly integrating technology into their creations and creating hybrid performances that pair the real and the virtual. Another example of networked society playing a role in the creation process of dance is when US dance company Ballet Nouveau Colorado hosted its 21st century choreography competition online, inviting choreographers to upload Youtube videos of their own work.

Networked society has also been beneficial in gaining public interest and an audience within the creative discipline of dance. Many dance companies use the web to promote their performance or new choreography, to attract donations, or simply to keep their audiences aware of company activities. The “Dance Current” magazine uses the Internet to show additional content to its magazine, including reviews and interviews. The magazine also provides a valuable service to the dance community through its Destination Dance


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