Eharmony Case Study

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Central Issue In the new world of making a name for yourself, one of the most important characteristics of human culture has begun to be lost. Love, relationships, marriage, etc. have all begun to be swallowed by the notion that in order to be successful in this world, your full attention, time, and money must be put into your career. Before the 20th century, life was simple and universal. Men “brought home the bacon” while women stayed at home washing dishes, cleaning the house, raising children, and cooking meals. Most married a stayed married. Divorce was highly frowned upon and therefore never happened.
However in the turn of the century, the age of technology and equal rights activists have brought a large change in the way
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Going along with new entrants, there were also very few substitutes in the industry. eHarmony established itself as the leading long-term Matchmaker and only Yahoo Personal and Match had the resources to compete.
Within eHarmony, supplier power was relatively low. The company grew to only 230 employees and half of which worked in customer service. The studies and surveys done by the company were simple and only involved researching couples. Therefore supplier costs were low and substitutes were readily available.
On the flip side, Buyer power became very high for eHarmony. eHarmony offered a service to ameliorate dating and have a better chance at finding that “special someone”. Consumers saw confidence in that by joining eHarmony they would quickly and easily find someone they could marry.

Strategy in the Environment eHarmony’s strategy worked out very well for its targeted customers. The matchmaking industry is very difficult to cover because there are so many different cliques within it. How do you create a site that satisfies the wants and needs of every individual looking for love? You can’t. Sexuality, race, religion, personality, monogamy, long term, short term, family, age, and appearance are just a fraction of the characteristics needed to be considered for an online dating site. eHarmony focused its strategy on what it felt would be the