Asos Brand Audit

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ASOS Brand Audit Report


Executive Summary
This report gives a detailed insight into Asos as a brand and a company it highlights how it maintains its aggressive growth strategy and continues to outperform its competitors. Additionally it tells the story of Asos from its inception in 2000 to the present day and gives a glimpse of where it could go in the future.
Key Points: * History * Financials * Brand Image * SWOT Analysis * PEST Analysis
Table of Contents
1. - History and Overview
1.1 Product Category
2. Brand Overview Key Financials
3. Brand Value Proposition
4. Brand Communications Audit
5. Product Category Audit
6. Product Category Competitor and Substitute Analysis
7. Key Strategic
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Taking into account other channel retailers such as major catalogue specialists, niche catalogues, multichannel retailers and auction sites owning each 19.6%, 5.9%, 49.3% and 11.0% consecutively; online-only apparel retailers account for an overall market share of 14.5%.
Compared to the other channels, although the purely online operators’ market share is below quarter of the overall, they are on a growing path as seen on the graph bellow. International sales are part of this success as well as their technological adaption (Online and device apps). As it can also be seen, multichannel retailers dominate the online