Public Speaking Speech: Unity in Malaysia

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Share The Resources Extensively N Gain The Harmony (STRENGTH)
“Shila, knock it off. Stop arguing with Geetha. You know you will never win.” That’s my classmate’s comment when she saw me debating the issue on truancy with Geetha. Everyone in our school knows Geetha as the Indian girl who can eloquently speak her mind, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be as good as her. Today, in my speech titled ‘Share The Resources Extensively N Gain The Harmony’, I will explain, why I should be on a par with Geetha.

A very good morning to the wise and honourable judges, teachers and members of the floor.

You must be still wondering why I relate the previous incident with the theme ‘Unity’ for my speech today. Now, listen to this one, my sister had always
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They can also learn from me something I’m good at, arts. By practising this, not only that we improve ourselves in certain fields, but also help our country to prosper by optimizing each and everyone’s strength.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We, the young generation, should initiate the journey. We should dare to make a difference. We should stop the dissemination of racial labelling.
Our generation should not keep this closed – minded attitude go on. We need to instil this feeling of unity in our generation now, and onto the next. We should approach and also embrace each other openly without any misconceptions created by prejudices. We should not judge a book by its cover. All of us, no matter what the race, culture or religion, share the same basic things as human beings. In fact, 99.9% of our DNAs are shared, with the 0.1% being the difference in physical appearance and personalities. Do not see this 0.1% as a barrier, but instead like a single puzzle piece. One puzzle piece is unique by itself, but when joined together with other puzzle pieces, it ends up as a beautiful picture.
We are all unique but also one, as the human race and a country. Thank