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NUI, Galway | Public Economics Essay: With respect to inequality and poverty how does Ireland compare to other Western industrialized countries? | Padraig Mc Govern | | 08604070 | 3/9/2012 |
Lecturer: Professor Eamon O Shea
Course code: 4BCM1

The following essay will compare Ireland with respect to inequality and poverty to the United States and the United Kingdom. I will use the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in order to analyse their position in the world’s economy; identify how to measure poverty; the main reasons for poverty and inequality in these three countries; use graphs and references to illustrate my evidence; and then finally give a brief conclusion to my essay. Anyone who sets out to present an
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These figures are affected by many different factors. For example in 2011, the social welfare was cut by €8 per week and in turn burdened the poorest; also other factors such as education cuts, wage reductions, and a higher cost of living. All these factors have impacted on the Irish population differently. For example in 2009 men were 14.1% at risk of becoming in poverty, a student was 25.9% at risk, an adult aged <65 was 23.2% at risk and the region in ireland that was most common to poverty was the midlands with 23.5% at risk. Statistics of Ireland1. Population= 4,481,4302. Population Below Poverty Line= 5.5%3. Unemployment Rate= 14.8%4. Infant Mortality Rate (Deaths/1,000 Live Births)= 3.855. Literacy Rate (Age 15 And Over Can Read And Write)= 99%6. Life Expectancy (At Birth, In Years)= 80.197. GDP (US$ Millions)= 206,9858. GDP/Capita (US$)= (2007-2011) 47,170 10. % Of Population With Water Access= 100% 11. Official Development Assistance And Official Aid (Current US$)= N/A |

Inequality What is inequality? Unlike poverty, which concentrates on those at the bottom of society, inequality identifies how resources are distributed across the whole society. This gives a picture of the difference between average incomes; what poor and rich people earn, and also highlights how well other Member States redistribute or share the


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