Change Is the Only Constant

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ASSIGNMENT –II (Quality Management)

“Change is the only constant”




“Change is the only constant”
Life is continuously changing. People move, children grow up, careers change, health is compromised, people gain their health back, the climate changes, and life cycles begin and end. Whether a person can adapt to these changes and become a proactive participant in a constantly changing world is a key component in “full
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As time goes on, it becomes far more fearful to think beyond their status quo than to accept their status quo. We become “happy,” or unhappy, depending on one’s point of view, in their unhappy negative condition.
But life’s progress does not stop and everyone must learn to adapt. Even some of the most outwardly successful people who have completed this program are astounded at the level of immaturity with which they had been living.
To find out how open we are to the process of personal change, a further understanding of certain universal life truths is needed. We must realize that there are certain indisputable axioms that do not change. These axioms produce the benefits, health, happiness and structure of everything in the world. Maturity and joy are the results of enthusiastically embracing and putting into action these truths. Each of these axioms becomes obvious as we grow and change as individuals.
Selfishness is an inherent part of childhood and for most people this trait continues through adolescence. Selfishness in the human young is a survival mechanism. When a baby is hungry, it cries. It doesn’t know or care what everybody else is doing; it only knows that it's hungry. This selfish behavior is rewarded. Every time the infant is hungry, it cries. The infant learns cause and effect: I cry—I get fed.
Inexplicably as the infant


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