Crazy Love

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Ryan Heinlein
Instructor: Eileen S. Chanza Torres
English 101
27 November 2012
A Crazy Love Story Domestic violence in today’s society has become common and normalized in the United States. When people think of domestic violence, they go straight for physical violence against women. But according to “;” Domestic violence and emotional abuse are behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control the other. Partners may be married or not married; heterosexual, gay, or lesbian; living together, separated or dating. The documentary Crazy Love is such a great example because it is a story of two lovers named “Burt Pugach” and “Linda Riss,” who are a perfect example of domestic violence. Burt became enraged that
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Burt brought Linda to breakfast then drove her to work, then picked her up at lunchtime to bring her out to eat, and then at dinnertime Burt would pick her up from work and go out for dinner. Burt said: “I was making $60,000+ a year when everybody else was making $4,000 a year.” Burt owned a nightclub and Linda was living a life of luxury. “Crazy” is a term that could have different meaning to people also. According to, crazy means mentally deranged, and manifested in a wild or aggressive way. Society also has a different definition of the word “crazy.” Some phrases could be “Wow. That was so crazy,” meaning that something really spectacular happened. When somebody would commit a crime of passion they are considered crazy. The person would have a brief episode of craziness. Linda and Burt both show their “craziness” during the film. Burt is a different kind of crazy than Linda. Burt is a man who likes to control and spoil his spouse. He is crazy to even think about harming the one person who he is completely obsessed with and harming her for the rest of her life. Linda is crazy because she stayed with a man that abused her and hurt her. In today’s society domestic violence still exists and is almost common in the United States. More households are having some type of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse has been around for many years and probably will still continue for many years to come. Some intimate relationships turn violent


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