Proposition 35

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California Public Policy Paper
The Bill:
The bill I chose for this paper was proposition 35. This proposition was proposed in the fall election of 2012. Proposition 35, also known as “Californians against Sexual Exploitation Act”, was primarily about increasing the penalty for sex trafficking. The bill would increase prison sentences for human traffickers, require convicted human traffickers to register as sex offenders, require all registered sex offenders to disclose their internet accounts (such as Facebook), require criminal fines from convicted human traffickers to pay for services to help victims, and lastly mandate law enforcement training for identifying human trafficking. The fiscal impact of this bill was estimated and
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Lastly, if the offender changes their internet provider or personal identifiers they must contact and report the change within 24 hours of the change.
Arguments for proposition 35: The first argument in favor of the proposition was that in an independent study the State of California was given an F for the laws that have to do with human trafficking. The next argument favoring prop 35 was that it would finally hold the traffickers accountable for the crime by increasing penalties and preventing the traffickers from hiding behind their victims actions. Another argument in favor of Prop 35 was that it would help stop the exploitation of minors over the internet; all offenders would be watched by law enforcement with regard to all of their internet activity. Also the proposition would help to stop sexual exploitation of minors. The last argument in favor of the proposition is large number of vulnerable women and children being victimized by pimps and traffickers in the State of California.
Arguments against proposition 35: The primary argument in opposition of the proposition was that the ballot measure would expand the definition of pimping. Another argument against was that the bill would have an unfavorable outcome on our state’s economy because of the slight increase in costs. If the proposition were to pass anyone who receives money from regular, consensual prostitution between adults would face the


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