The Competitive Advantage of Microsoft and Its Hr

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1) What is Microsoft’s competitive advantage? How is supported/constrained by human resource management?

Microsoft Corporation is one of the largest and most influential companies in the personal computer industry. It has won several awards for innovation, for their commitment to diversity, and for their flexible work arrangements. It has always been a leader in the market with regard to its compensation. With 80,0004 employees across the world, having more than $15 billion revenue, it is one of the biggest and best‐known technology companies in the world.
It’s successful because of their workplace environment, empowerment of employee ideas, and their employee benefits. These elements are the result of the strategy that the Microsoft is
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About the work environment

Employees is given the possibility to have all tool and technologies they need to achieve the best results possible, and in return they are expected to create various products, as entertainment products and software, that could sell millions of copies worldwide. The employees are the “intellectual fuel” and that’s the reason why the company is investing in them. An example of that are the campus offices that are considered the benchmark of technology hubs, with fir trees, forested trails, snow‐capped mountain vistas, basketball courts, and even shuttle buses for employees to make use of. The employees offices were decorated as they wanted, they were provide food, everything they needed in order to feel good in work atmosphere and give them the sense of social belonging.

About the people development

As the Microsoft was build on highly smart people they were best developed trough the challenges and work assignments and the training programs offered by the company were not mandatory. The persons were encouraged to change job in order to increase the personal growth, which has become a major source of motivation. While is interesting that when the employees’ project failed or didn’t meet


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