Peter Browning Case

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1. What are Browning’s are the dilemmas at White Cap? Explain

Peter Browning’s job is to revitalize a mature business in the face of serious competitive threats, but without discouraging the loyalty and morale of a family style culture. Market share of plastic bottles was growing fast and White Cap is losing customers due to that, so a change is necessary. However, few managers or employees at White Cap acknowledged the need for change and were resistant to change. Employees have been accustomed to a culture of little change, and consisted of years of rituals, ceremonies and traditions set by the White family. They are extremely loyal due to their expectation of job security and generous benefits. Browning was asked by Continental to
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I would suggest Browning to replace Green with his human resource manager in Bondware who could better assist him.

4. What qualities are most needed to be a successful change agent?
A successful change agent should have following qualities:
a) Excellent intellectual ability to analyze the business nature and market situation, as a business driver, he should understand and address issues of the firm in both short run and long run.
b) Leadership skills to implement his ideas, such as communications, role modeling, reinforcement, and motivation.
c) Insight knowledge of business, product and services
d) Good problem solver, possessing insight to recognize the problem and recommending solutions.

5. How will your proposed actions affect the personal image and credibility of Browning?
Browning should not just simply adopt his success in Bondware, since situations between White Cap and Bondware were so different, in Bondware, every knew there were big problem in the firm and changes has to be made, which made it a lot easier for Browning to implement his ideas and solutions. White Cap is still a market leader with threaten of competition, Browning has to make people to realize the truth of market condition and need for change.

6. Please include any other comments or insight about the case.
White Cap is a company with unique and strong culture. It has its ritual, ceremonies


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