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Objective of the Company
Patagonia’s objective is
To be sustainable
To make some profits while growing in the 3-5% range

Strategy / Desired Behaviors
1. Provide employees with high quality of life by making them comfortable at work and by giving them a variety of benefits
2. Provide quality of life for all living things on this planet
3. Allow all employees to participate in decision-making processes and to understand their jobs better
4. Differentiation, provide customers with quality environmental friendly products and quality customer service

Management Controls
1. Patagonia uses personnel and cultural control to apply this strategy. For personnel control, the company hires people who are as passionate about environment as Yvon.
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Also, some managers identified too few objectives while others came up with too many.
3. Most employees are behaving properly. Even though Workbook Process is time-consuming and needs a lot of work, most managers see its value and are willing to contribute time on it. They closely follow the schedule and the majority of employees actively participate in this process, as they are concerned about the company’s operations and its performance, since this gives meaning to their jobs. However, some employees did not take Workbook Process very seriously or they did not understand the effects of this process, and it is hard to schedule meetings and to initiate meaningful discussion when those employees did not make the Process a priority.
4. Most of the time, employees are behaving properly. The company has always been performing well. The company built up its reputation among consumers for its high quality products and services. However, there is a year that the company did do so well due to lack of attention paid to financial affairs and its business planning, and another time, the company did “too well”, which is against its objective. When it did not perform well, it was partly because of personal limitations, since some of its employees were not competent enough to do the job. This misbehavior has been corrected by Patagonia by laying off employees and by hiring new professional managers


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