Impact and Control of the Brown Tree Snake as an Invasive Species

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Impact and Control of the Brown Tree Snake as an Invasive Species on Guam

Karen Myers

“Invasive species are a rapidly growing problem, and in many areas, they are the second-most-important cause of species declines” (Perry & Vice, 2009, p. 993). Often times, the invasive problem is by accident due to transportation of the species, but at times is intentional. This paper will review the history of the Brown Tree Snake as an invasive species, a species description of the Brown Tree Snake, and the impact this species has had on Guam. Potential ways to resolve and control the ecological and economic impacts of the Brown Tree Snake on Guam and efforts to prevent new invasions by this species on other Pacific islands
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A., 2007).
When looking at the Brown Tree Snake, it appears to have a very large head compared to the diameter of its neck and body. Because the body of the snake is so slender, the head size is actually normal and just looks larger. Amazingly, any hole that will admit a Brown Tree Snake’s head will allow passage of the entire snake! The snout is also very short and the eyes are very large, with the elongated pupil typical of nocturnal species. The teeth are average length, the upper rearmost of which are larger and grooved which help to penetrate venom into prey. The venom is relatively mild but does overlap with the harmfulness of species considered dangerous. Most Brown Tree Snakes have tails that average 21% of their total length. Typical coloring of the Brown Tree Snake include narrow to wide blackish banding with a medium brown background and a cream to yellowish color flecked with tiny lighter and darker marks. (Rodda & Savidge, 2007). Once Researchers become familiar with the species description of the Brown Tree Snake, it is fairly easy to locate and find them.
Research, Economic and Environmental Impacts
Researchers are working hard to come up with solutions to eliminate and prevent future invasions of the Brown Tree Snake. They have focused their efforts on the following major areas of importance including: the impact on agriculture, impacts on human health; determining the likelihoods of future invasions, and the


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