Perceptual Filters

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Dillon Marchello
Taking Control of Perception Filters Throughout life, people go through their day to day schedules seeing and perceiving just about every experience in a “certain light.” A light in which shade is brighter, darker or just “blah” depending on that person’s overall self-awareness, mood or attitude. An individual’s mood or “filter,” as I like to call it, acts as a pair of glasses that can literally transform all of your surroundings and how you experience them. Your mood and emotions (for the most part) determine the “type” of glasses you are perceiving your reality through. If an individual is angry, their “angry glasses” will be slipped on, seemingly subconsciously, and the “energy” around them
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In this formula, he says “a mental state is a state of a person apt for producing certain ranges of behavior.” So what does this even mean? To me, the message that David Armstrong is trying to portray is that a person’s mental state is what controls their behavior, involuntarily. Partly what David is arguing throughout his piece “The Nature of Mind” is the theory that the way people behave, act and react is based off of a composition of the human brain that is uncontrollably the same every time, and he compares it to the composition of glass or rubber. The composition of their matter is a factor that just is. If you drop glass it will break in the same manor every time. If you drop rubber it will bounce or reflect impact in the same manor, every time. The content in which its made is “this set of materials comprised together to make this content.” Which raises the question, “are our minds free or are we chemically built to act and react in some natural way that is uncontrollable and consistent to our nature?” In my opinion, our minds are as free as we are willing and able to acknowledge. The more we can make ourselves aware of our own mental and physical being, the more control we have over how we act and react to external contingencies. How does this work? The more aware you are of your own mental and physical being, the easier it will be to step outside of your self and take control of your perceptual


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