Otago Museum Bsc Analysis

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In this letter I present the most recent analysis and design of the Comprehensive Balance Scorecard (BSC) for a non-profit, award-winning, and highly progressive with an outstanding broad-based collection, Otago Museum. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is an example of a performance measurement system. The newly created performance measurement system incorporates four different dimensions, such as Financial, Community / Customer Perspective, Internal Business, and Learning / Innovation and Growth, in an effort to achieve goal congruence within an organization. Financial area is concerned with how well a company is using its resources. Also, it shows if an organization can further expand and operate its desired programs. Community / Customer …show more content…

These guidelines are established to improve customer service and satisfaction. Further implementation of the internal ROP system (Resources, Operations and Priorities) should be considered.

Measurement: One of the measurements we can use is employee retention. It will indicate the percentage of the employees stayed with an organization during given year. To measure employees’ capabilities and service quality level, we can use the number of complaints and number of positive feedbacks. Also, we can use total complaints as an organization to determine our service quality level as a whole per specific time period. In addition, to determine the level of positivity within an organization, we can measure it by combining all issues of unacceptable behaviour and divide by the number of employees. The goal is to have the minimum complaints to the total number of visitors.


Goals: To continually evolve and grow

Strategy: Providing opportunities to learn and positive experiences to the employees as well as the public through special international museum exhibitions. Also, offering extensive training programs to all employees to help them develop their talent and skills. Creating an organizational environment where every individual employee feels as he/she is part of the team and his/her contributions to the overall business