Andrew Jackson Campaign Speech of 1828

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Campaign Speech of Andrew Jackson for the Presidential Election of 1828

My fellow Americans, the upcoming national elections present a very important choice. We can forge a “true” representative democracy for the first time in history, and be led by our directly elected leaders. Or we can continue to live in an aristocratic republic run by over-educated elitists who are not beholden to the will of the people, but only to themselves.
As you all know, three years ago I won the popular vote for President, but was denied the office because of a “corrupt bargain” between the dishonorable Henry Clay and President Adams. The people’s choice was disregarded by the elite in power. As a result, I immediately resigned from the Senate and
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The president has stated many times that he believes his precious republic will soon “degenerate into democracy; that government of the people will become government by the people.” I say it’s about time. I say “we the people” built this nation. We have marched across the continent, scratching out a living, and burying our children along the way to do it. I say “we the people” understand better than anyone what it takes to make this nation grow and prosper.
I trust the common people of this nation, because I am one of the common people. I am not yet another wealthy land owner from Virginia, nor am I an aristocratic lawyer from Massachusetts. I am a just an old Indian fighter from Tennessee. I believe “we the people” who have sacrificed the most for this great nation have earned the right to govern it. But I need your help to make this happen.
Already, the new states are entering the union with few restrictions on the vote. This has caused many the old states to change their ways as well. Eighteen of our states now choose their electors by popular vote, while only six still allow the legislature to choose their representatives for them. I urge you all to go to the polls on Election Day. With this election we can finally take back power from the old aristocracy. We can establish the legitimacy of majority rule based upon direct voting for candidates by the electorate, and


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