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Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations

Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations
Clapton Commercial Construction has made the decision to expand to the Arizona area from Michigan. With increasing their team force by 20%, securing talent and qualified personal will be a task of its own. This paper will touch on some of those strategies for recruitment as well as the impact of the organizational diversity on the organization. We will also consider any laws for recruitment and selections keeping in mind the environmental differences between Michigan and Arizona.
Diverse Recruitment
Arizona and Michigan are geographically in two different parts of the United States. Michigan is located in an area that English
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In Arizona there are no laws pertaining to breaks and rest periods so the Federal Laws will apply. Federal laws do not require an employer to provide meal periods or breaks. An employer whose principal place of business is located outside of Arizona and whose payroll system is centralized outside of Arizona may pay employees monthly who are exempt from overtime. (Employment Law Handbook, 2011) Any violations should be reported and the Department of Labor in Arizona will make them come into compliance. Violators can be fined for non-compliance.
Arizona is a right to work state. A Right to Work law guarantees that no person can be compelled, as a condition of employment, to join or not to join, or to pay dues to a labor union. FMAL must be offered as you will employee over 50 employees. The same guidelines apply in Arizona as they do in Michigan. Violators will have to reinstate the worker and pay back wages plus fines.
OSHA is highly applied in the state of Arizona. ÔÇťArizona adopts federal OSHA standards by reference and enforces OSHA standards contained within 29 CFR, parts 1910 (General Industry), 1926 (Construction) and 1928 (Agriculture). In addition, there are a few requirements that are unique to Arizona, including prohibition on the use of the short-handled hoe in agriculture work and the use of PVC pipe to transport compressed