Notice of Defamation

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Sonia Bawa Sipra
R/o D-102 Defence Colon, New Delhi


SUB: Notice for Malicious Prosecution and Defamation
Under the authority and instructions on behalf of my client, Pradeep Khandelwal, presently resident of AM-141, Shalimar Bag Delhi-110088, hereinafter referred to as my client, I issue you the following legal notice the circumstances necessitating are as under- 1. That my client was inducted as tenant in respect of the IInd Floor “barsati” premises in
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9. That you the above addressee have ruined the reputation, dignity, honour and self respect of my client and have made my client a scornful object among society members and the people at the place of work and my client has received grave mental depression and set back and the injury suffered by my client can only be experienced but can not be explained in words. I therefore, call upon you the above addressee through this legal notice to tender unconditional apology for levelling the defamatory allegations against my client by filing a false, fabricate and vexatious complaint of identity theft before Cyber Crime Cell, in writing within one week from the date of service of this legal notice upon you and if you fail to comply with the demand of this legal notice than my client claims a sum of Rs.20.000,00(Rs. Twenty Lac) from you the above addressee on account of loss of reputation, dignity and honour and you the above addressee being the author of defamatory allegations are legally liable to pay the damages and compensation to my client and take notice that my


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