Chocolates El Ray

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Is Jorge Redmond's dream of making Venezuelan coca beans and chocolate world famous realistic and achievable? How?
Jorge’s dream can definitely be a reality with the use of the proper tools that will differentiate him from his competitors. Jorge needs to position Chocolates El Rey in the proper market by conducting research and analyzing who his exact target market is. He needs to display the key attributes about his chocolates in order to build brand awareness and gain new customers. The chocolate industry is a huge industry which entails a large market to which Venezuela could penetrate. Venezuela has some of the best cocoa in the world, and this is exactly what consumers’ need think of when they hear the name “Chocolates El Rey”.
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Marketing is a process that is on-going and needs to constantly and consistently keep up with the changing market trends while more importantly keeping their customers happy. They need to be able to have a marketing plan that is able to adapt and change according to the needs and wants of any potential and current customers. The culture of marketing has changed drastically from what it used to be, and so have the marketing methods. Many organizations are trying new methods, but first they need to take mental shift from the norm that their used to, and make the customers the main focus of the organization.
When looking at the different way to market a company or brand, the first thing you need to look at is what value the product will have on consumers. Jorge needs to come up with fresh new ideas that will provide a connection to the customer. The best way for Chocolates El Rey to market itself would be through their consumers. Word of mouth is still one of the oldest and traditional types of marketing and it plays a key role in how consumers view a brand. It allows customers to give real feedback to potential customers thus influencing their purchasing power ultimately furthering the brand growth and image. Jorge needs to look at what value his brand has for consumers and what it does for them. The public sphere would be the best place for Jorge to start building his brand. This specific


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