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Hi my name is Marah and today I am going to persuade you to get a Flu vaccination. I recently got a job working at Walgreens Pharmacy. Every day that I work I see people coming in to pick up their prescriptions that don’t look like the feel very great, with a tissue in one hand and their money in the other. No one wants to be sick, it’s not fun and it makes you feel like crap and you get absolutely nothing done. So it would only make sense if everyone was taking the precautionary measure in getting a flu shot. People should be lining up to get their vaccinations in order to prevent them from them getting sick and missing school, work or important events; but they aren’t, at Walgreens, we give maybe about 4 flu shots a day,
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 All Noted from the CDC and Walgreens website.
 What the flu vaccination is.
 There are actually 2 different types of vaccinations for the flu.
 There is the flu shot, which is made up of an unactive virus and a nasal spray vaccine which contains a live but weakened form of the virus.
 This year the vaccination also contains a vaccine that is specific to the H1N1virus that arose last year.
 Every year a new vaccination has to be made because every year a new strain becomes more prevalent and others die out, so if doctors gave the same vaccination year after year it would do absolutely no good. Which is why we have to get revaccinated each year for the flu, because the vaccination only protects against the strain that matches the vaccination.
 Two weeks after getting the vaccination is when it becomes actually effective, which is why you need to get vaccinated as soon as possible!
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 Where to get the vaccination.
 You can actually get the vaccination in several different places. You can make an appointment with your regular doctor and get it. You can go to a walk in clinic and receive the vaccination, or you could get it at a pharmacy, such as Walgreens.
 If you go to a pharmacy like Walgreens to get the vaccination, it is $29.99 without insurance, but only a few insurances will cover the cost of the


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