Nco Creed Essay

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Creed of the Noncommissioned Officer and how it affects leading soldiers

The creed of the noncommissioned officer is a baseline for all noncommissioned officers Corporal all the way up to Sergeant Major, on how to conduct oneself in the leading of soldiers. It does not outline every single situation you may come into throughout your military career but if you live this creed then you should be set for success. In this paper we are going to take an in depth look into the creed and how you can apply every aspect of it to leadership. Starting with the first sentence in the creed “No one is more professional than I, I am a Noncommissioned Officer, a leader of soldiers.” This is to be said with confidence, authority, and
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“I will strive to remain tactically and technically proficient.” Just like the first line of the second paragraph this too points out that we as leaders need to know our job better than anybody. This is a requirement of us in which we must give of our own time to ensure that we know everything there is to know about our job, changing with the times and not letting them pass us by. That covers the technical part, tactically we need to know as well as live the life of a soldier. Always ready to defend our country at any point in time when called to do so. If a supply clerk needs to fire a weapon he should be able to do so proficiently especially if he is a Noncommissioned Officer. Knowing the METL (Mission Essential Task List) is the responsibility of all Noncommissioned Officers. “I am aware of my role as a Noncommissioned Officer. I will fulfill my responsibilities inherent in that role.” This is a statement by the Noncommissioned Officer saying that he will do whatever it takes to fulfill the statements prior to this as well as throughout the entire creed. As Noncommissioned Officers we are on call by our soldiers twenty four hours a day at all times. Just because we are home does not mean that we are “off work”. Our soldiers need us to be there for them at all times whether they are in trouble or just need somebody to listen. The final lines of the second paragraph