Role of Police in Democracy

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Role of the Police in Democratic Society
(Broader than mere “function”)
Police as the guarantor in Protecting Human Rights of Citizens—Civil and Political
The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly.
The right to life, liberty and security of person

The role of the police all over the world has been traditionally seen within the basic context of: the Prevention and detection of crime, Protection of life and property and the Preservation of peace and good order. Today, although these roles have not changed, the police in all societies must broaden their outlook in order to appreciate their role as one which embraces not merely the enforcement of law, but which
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They should take steps to firmly uphold the law when required, but should do so fairly and impartially. They must be quick to investigate offences and to bring offenders to justice, thereby, giving the community a feeling of protection and security.

Therefore, no matter how trivial the report is or how humble the person making the report, the police should attach the same amount of importance to it, as though someone who is regarded as prominent in the society was making it.

The same amount of respect and regard should be given to all citizens, irrespective of their economic positions, religious beliefs, political persuasions or social standing. Indeed, the policeman should be ever mindful that it is the poorest and less influential citizens in the society, who are more likely to need their assistance.

The police working in a society that is plagued by a number of social problems such as unemployment, juvenile delinquency and insufficient housing, must always be aware of these problems, and in enforcing the law, especially in cases where it relates to minors, not allow himself to be too drastic, but rather to temper justice with mercy; always having the best interest of the minor in mind.

Over the last three decades or so, crime and criminal activity have increased in sophistication and have now assumed alarming proportions. This upsurge in crime has drastically increased the work of the police, and the big


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