Ms 13 Gang

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Juan A. Resendiz
Mr. Harris
English IV CP
April 21, 2011
Hidden Violence The word gang-everyone knows what it means or what it stands for. Of course by the time children get to the end of their elementary years they’ve heard of know gangs such as; the Cribs, Bloods, Latin Kings, Vatos Locos, but none of those names cause as much fear and terror as the gang called La Mara Salvatrucha aka MS-13. La Mara known for their psychotic methods of killing and running their turf, no other gang comes close to causing the same fear as La Mara Salvatrucha ( Forced to abandon their home land due to the civil war in El Salvador, the adventure to the U.S. was good at the start but soon the odds turned against them. Therefore for their
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Well they went all out with this weapon not just slicing n dicing all their enemies but also just by smacking their brains out with the machetes. Let’s get to the gang signs they throw up when representing their hood. Using one hand where they stick out the pinky finger as well as the index finger letting the thumb cross over the other two fingers that are cured into the palm. Another gang sign is using both hands having both index fingers and thumbs out, extending the two fingers between the index and the pinky half way out still cured also on both hands which leaves the pinky hidden on the side last thing is to join the pinky knuckles together also having the ring fingers touch. This powerful symbolism a fearing sight to experiences, both representing devil horns are yet another hint why these guys are considered to be, if not the most, at least one of the top dangerous gangs in the world ( Representing their hood is so important to them that they use their own faces to rep their hood. MS members tattooing them-self all over the body especially on the face, with signs such as, MS-13, 666, and X III in big letters and fonts too. All their tattoos are gothic which simply means something very dark spirited, members will most commonly have 666 tatted on their body ( Stacking, some call it a type of dance to gangs it is just another type of language used to tell the other gangs they are MS-13 and that this is their turf. Not


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