Petroleum and Oil

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Tarmageddon Rhetorical Analysis Essay A good and successful article is an article that is logically organized and does not disrupt the flow of thought and content that is provided in the piece of work as well as a good writing style which keeps the reader engaged throughout their read. The author Andrew Nikiforuk has created a nice and logical structure within his article. He starts by stating how Europeans felt towards Canada before and continues by explaining what has changed their stance towards Canada. He then leads on by describing oil and the specifics of the oil Canada is refining while noting its problems along the way while recounting how Canada changed, explaining why those changes transpired. Towards the end
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He uses a language similar to those of newspapers, giving out information on different aspects such as Canada’s environment and economics and then slowly leads the reader to conclusions based upon the 3 informative text he has supplied them with. He doesn’t arrive on conclusions based on personal anecdotes and experiences, as a narrative piece of work would usually do. He analyzes the information he provides for the readers making them more digestible and much more understandable for ordinary people. (PARAGRAPH 16, PAGE 212) An example of this is where provides information about Harper and his friends “ appointed climate change deniers”,” son of oil executive” and “ many of his fishing buddies lobby against climate change” are bits of information that the author provides and then comes to a conclusion about the governments negligence on the matter. In general the tone and style of this article is very informative, providing all the necessary information for the reader and then hinting in the direction of the intended conclusion, Canada is facing a serious problem that requires both its citizens and officials to act immediately. According to


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