MGT101A Chris Bray Case Study

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1.1 Company Background 3
1.2 Aim 3

2.1 Issues 4
2.2 Corporate Culture 4
2.3 Changing Corporate Culture 5
2.4 Leadership and Teamwork in Corporate Culture 5

3.0 Conclusion 6

4.0 Recommendations 6

5.0 References 8

1.1 Company Background

Established in 1999, CaterCare Services (CCS) provides remote catering and accommodation services to government, private, and defence organisations in Australia and overseas.

CCS boasts of an enriching work experience, providing training, succession planning and development opportunities and offers recognition, rewards programs and supportive leadership. Their
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Teamwork is critical in a healthy corporate culture and creating a sense of community. “A critical component of team building is culture, because if teams are to work effectively all employees must understand and embrace the culture of the particular group or organisation.” (Kuhlmann, 2010)

At the heart of it all needs to be great leadership. Leadership provides direction, inspiration and motivation to achieve organisational success. In a modern society, a leaders success is dependent on their ability to shape and develop corporate culture.

One of the most powerful discoveries about how humans understand the world around them was the discovery of a phenomenon called “mirror neurons.” (Wagner and Harter, 2007) The phenomenon, more commonly known as “monkey see; monkey do” is the reason why humans believe the yawn is contagious and why people mimic the idiosyncrasies of their idols. This discovery shows the importance strong leadership starting from the very top of an organisation. Leaders must portray the essence of the company’s corporate culture in everything they do.

3.0 Conclusion

In conclusion a healthy corporate culture is essential to increasing employee performance and staff retention. Significant importance is placed on good leadership, through emphasising the importance of teamwork. By