Minimum Wage Persuasive Essay

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Randy Oczkowski
Mrs. Kenny
March 25, 2013
Persuasive Essay $7.25 equals two gallons of gas, one fast food meal, or a simple school supply. With the minimum wage at the current rate you must work one hour to earn the seven dollars and twenty-five cents that only supply you with small necessities for everyday living. This problem was encountered before and was resolved with the agreement to higher the minimum wage from $5.85 to the current $7.25. Although that was a big increase in salaries, was it truly enough? This controversy can lead to a major change in everyone’s everyday lives and boost our economy to a period of prosperity. The minimum wage should be increased to bring our economy out of a recession, bring families together,
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In the past inflation was eroded by increasing the minimum wage. Does this mean that we can increase it today and it will help our economy? We reflect off the past and act upon what greatly benefited us before. The minimum wage must be higher to help you, and everyone around you. Taxes will be less due to the decrease of poverty. Studies show that with a simple ten cent increase of minimum wage, 6% of poverty stricken families will become middle class. (Sklar) This will help families afford everyday needs for food, transportation, and education. Not many things benefit everyone at an overall standard. The increase of minimum wage is on the few things that can benefit everyone. Our country will see the economic prosperity that it’s been searching for. Everyone will live more comfortably and will lead a happier life. Although it cannot be increased greatly, we must act to prove what we need as a country. The minimum wage can be increased slowly, cent by cent, so that we can see the improvement it has on our government. Think of the families, students, everyday workers, and yourself. We need this increase. We must be able to supply our own needs without going through a struggle. Right now, one hour of working is not enough for daily necessities such as school supplies, food, and transportation for our everyday lives.

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