Mgt 605

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Paradoxical thinking for achieving mastery
MGT 605
August 27, 2014
Jennifer Solis
Professor McGrath

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3. Major components a. Part 1 – Introduction/ Definition b. Part II – Provide an example of a company that demonstrates paradoxical thinking c. Part III– Discuss whether or not one can learn paradoxical thinking and discuss the reasons for your answer. d. Part IV –
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This is what a company can become while using paradoxical thinking. Can somebody learn to think paradoxically? Of course they can. Even though, this is a different way of thinking us the normal humans can learn to think this way, but how? We must start questioning why something is the way it is. As an example we can think of how we live by breathing air? How can the fish live under the water? These are questions that we take the answer for granted because somebody already made a study of these and came up with the answer. What if we didn’t know about it? How many people can start questioning this? This is when paradoxical thinking comes to take place. The questioning of things and trying to change in a positive way a product or a statement would require us to use paradoxical thinking. Author Ravi states, “Be open in your thinking. Openness, courage and curiosity are essential. Be particularly aware of the so called absurd ideas floating in your mind”(p.2). This would be a good start to learn how to use paradoxical thinking. There are eight different types of intelligence and paradoxical thinking is one of them, but it’s one of the least used. This is because it requires the ability to manipulate, synthesize opposites, reverse and combine. In other words, it will require more thinking for a person and that it’s the first obstacle to overtake in order to learn and use paradoxical thinking. People doesn’t like to


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