Computer Technology’s Effect on the Practice of Nursing

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Computer Technology’s Effect on the Practice of Nursing
Susanne Swisher
Facilitator: Jeannie Short
NUR 224: Nursing Informatics
September 23, 2007
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Computer Technology’s Effect on the Practice of Nursing The practice of nursing is
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The original group, described by Cathy Reichert, Grandview ED Manager (personal communication, September 19, 2007), consisting of the ED Managers from the Network hospitals and their associates in Information Systems (IS), is called the Emergency Department Information Systems (EDIS) committee. The EDIS committee, Ms. Reichert asserts (personal communication, September 19, 2007), decided on the features necessary for the needs of the four ED’s. These features included being a web based program with wireless access, mouse click vs. keyboard input, touch screen access, customizable software, and able to flag critical values. The EDIS committee submitted Request for Proposal (RFP) letters to all thirteen ED software makers asking them to score their software on a zero to six scale (with zero being not available or planned, to six being fully available). The committee totaled the scores and ranked them based on the eight corporate responses. The EDIS committee meets soon, according to Ms. Reichert (personal communication, September 19, 2007), to discuss the returns and decide on the six-week trialing process staffed by contractors from the software companies. When trialed, staff level registered nurses (RNs) and technicians from each of the network hospitals will be included based on dependability, availability, and interest. The demo’s will be rated on ease of registration, tracking, triage, documentation, order entry, charge capture/billing,